Be cautious when buying land for building a home


The purchase of Land is something very specific and you need to approach it with caution.

Did you know that there are many things that you have to pay attention to when purchasing land such as:

-Zoning (Areas outside greater Houston
-Codes, Covenants and Restrictions, including Home Owners Association guidelines
-Mineral Rights
-Previous uses of land
-Leaky Underground Storage Tanks
-Cost of Building a home vs Cost of buying a home from a builder
To give you just 2 examples of the above:
1) If your home is build on an easement by accident, and the owner of the easement needs access, your home may need to be demolished
2) If you don’t do an environmental assessment when you buy land, and later there is hazardous waste found on it. You will be liable for the costs of cleanup.
Make sure that you have the right Real Estate Agent who has experience in Buying, Selling, Listing land before proceeding any further.

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