Is Rent-to-Own Legal in Pearland (Houston) or Texas in General?

Is Rent-to-Own Legal in Pearland (Houston) or  Texas in General?

Short Answer:Generally they are very complicated if not illegal in Texas

Long Answer:  provided from


Residential lease-purchases for longer than 180 days are no longer a feasible strategy for investors because of the multitude of requirements and the potential liability for doing them improperly. There is really no way to use a stacking technique here, as is at least theoretically possible in the case of lease-options. Add the fact that the Property Code declares open season on the investor/seller whenever a tenant/buyer becomes disgruntled with an executory contract, and there are more reasons to avoid lease-purchases than there are to do them—especially since loss of an executory contract lawsuit could present an extinction event for a small investor. So sensible investors avoid them. Most real estate lawyers will not do lease-purchases at all, since failure to comply with even the smallest requirement may trigger significant liability for the attorney preparing and filing the various disclosures and documents.


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